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Underwater Museo Atlántico


Museo Atlántico was conceived as a place for the preservation, conservation and education of the marine and nature environment integral part of the system of human values. This is a latent message in the work of Jason deCaires Taylor and a call to the defense of the oceans that the artist projects in all his work. The museum project is creating a huge artificial reef which consists of a set of sculptural installations made of concrete neutral pH, over time, with the purpose to increase marine biomass and facilitate the reproduction of the species on the island.


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The museum is located about 12 meters deep in the clear waters off the south coast of
Lanzarote, in the bay of Las Coloradas, an enclave chosen primarily by the physical
characteristics of the ocean floor, covering an area of 2,500 square meters will be accessible for
snorkelers and divers, and will constitute tourist and cultural focus of attention.


A museum under the sea


Jason DeCaires Taylor creates mysterious underwater world where art evolves as a result of the effects of nature. Already in Greek mythology, the ocean was conceptualized as a metaphor for the origins of humanity, as the embryonic water, where would have been born gods like Zeus and Aphrodite.

Human civilization has developed surrounded by two-thirds of a relatively unknown area. In the context of the arts, this underwater world has so far been physically untouchable, impossible to experience in its true nature.

The dialogue between humanity and nature implicit in his work evokes a romantic and apocalyptic sense that will build our future.

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Morning Dive: 09:00 am
Afternoon Dive: 13:00 pm
Max Depth: 15 m
Diving Time: 45/50 min







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