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Raúl Anaya

Instructor Trainer

Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, University of Las Palmas, Master in Management of Organizations and Sports Facilities at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and Superior Swimming Coach.

Gemma Lago

Divemaster Instructor

Degree in History and Political Science. I have devoted myself to development cooperation working in Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Brasil .... I like to discover the world from all points of view and for that reason I am also dive instructo

Félix Capataz


They always consider me a young prodigy, to clear up the misunderstanding, I had to study geography, image, foreign trade, tourism and web programming, to realize that my passion is diving, travel and social networking, it's never too late to do you really want.

Aquiles Furlones


This Argentine is Aquiles Furlone, a member of Pura Vida for two scarce and intense months. Ours was a crush during a beach cleaning in Lanzarote. He says he fell in love with our good roll, we, his inner wealth and his reflective ability.

Vicente Fernández


This young Valencian is passionate about science, nature and especially the sea. He studies biology and wants to specialize in marine biology. He teaches biodiversity classes and gives you the best briefings.

Santiago Alonso


Alpine Ski Sports Technician since 2012 and in 2017 I tried diving which made me see the oceans in another way and turn diving into another of my passions.

Eva Natcheva

Assistant Instructor Trainer

Scuba diving changed my world in many ways words cannot describe, my mentors gave me opportunities I have never imagined, my students taught me more than any book could... and I am looking forward to inspiring more people to explore our connection to the ocean.

Sebastian Ceriani

Instructor Trainer

Diver since 2001 currently SSI Instructor Trainer. More than 1.000 students have been introduced to the underwater world thanks to me, besides having trained professionally more than a hundred Divemasters and attended numerous instructors courses.


Great Reasons push us to choose one path or another, one place or another, or a philosophy of life, and this is how we are here at Pura Vida Koh Tao, great reasons made us choose the best of your trip to Thailand.

Did you know that we are the only school of Koh Tao in Spanish with our own boat? Interesting right? we do not share boat with other schools and can choose where to dive every day without being told where and how we do it, so we guarantee the best diving sites and also the language you will hear on the boat will be yours, Spanish, Catalan or Basque so that you freely move around the boat while enjoying the taste of fruit, biscuits, fresh water, tea, coffee or whatever you like while you share your experience with other students in your language and in pace.


Pura Vida Lanzarote can teach you to dive in the hands of professionals with thousands of dives performed.

We have extensive experience in the diving world and above all we are passionate about customer service, with the idea that at the end we will all be part of the great Pura Vida family.

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