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Diving is one of the most magical experiences that you can share with your family.

Dreamed of being a pirate of the seas? In finding treasures? Swimming with dolphins? Or with turtles?

Diving gives wings to our imagination, you will feel as an astronaut, you fly by the sea bottom discovering colors and shapes of a fantasy world! It is a perfect activity to enjoy with your family.

You learn a sport in the best way, playing, while you acquire the knowledge that will allow you to know better the aquatic environment.

Pura Vida has designed a corner for each person who enters the school, so that we all share the fun and new experiences that gives us the sea!



  • Diving reinforces the sense of responsibility, concentration and socialization.
  • Develop psychomotor skills
  • It improves cardiac and circulatory function and increases lung capacity.
  • It stimulates emotional and intellectual development.
  • There is also an improvement in self-esteem after dives, having been able to dive into other worlds.
  • The sea is an incredible stimulus for creativity and imagination.
  • The respect for the environment and the importance of contributing to its conservation are instilled in the whole family.



Pura Vida thought of a comfortable and fun space for all visitors!

Boys and girls learn playing, it is their tool to develop and grow. We have expressly created a space for them to feel like a fish in the water and dive into their dreams! The play area will allow them to know the seabed and its inhabitants through the most fun way.


  • Wooden toys and natural materials.
  • Colors and many fish to paint.
  • Stories about animals, travel, pirates, seas, treasures … all to better understand what happens beyond the horizon.
  • A large outdoor space for the imagination to fly higher!
  • Car parking at the entrance.
  • Baby changer.


Visit our Shop “ Sea of all colours” in Dive Center where most of the products for kids we have are related to our favorite sport, the sea .

The best gifts for the children our good Divers & Surfers !!!

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Environmental education is the basic tool for all people to become aware of the importance of preserving their environment and to be able to make changes in their values, behavior and lifestyles as well as expand their knowledge to spur them through prevention and mitigate existing and future problems.

Big changes start with our young and little ones.

Encourage their curiosity concerning the marine world and make sure they enjoy it from an early age to ensure their desire to care for it and preserve what fascinates them the most.


  • Keep clean and maintained green areas of the school
  • Organize beach cleanups adapted to children
  • Workshops about recycling
  • Workshops related to healthy living, food and natural remedies
  • Workshops to learn more about the wildlife and marine life
  • Storytelling sessions related to the sea
  •  Informational sign boards


  • Families are Pura Vida and we want all people to feel at home. Here you will see many activities that you can share and enjoy with your family because that is the best vacation.
  • The most rewarding part of having hobbies is to live with the ones you love most, to teach what you like and motivate, to share your lifestyle. Everyone here is Pura Vida!
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