Are you looking for a gift for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, farewell ……

If you want it to be an unforgettable experience. Then give out dive as a gift! Here you will find gift vouchers of all kinds: from diving baptism for someone who has never tasted it, to the initiation to advanced course for those who have already certified divers course


Gift Cards!




With this voucher you can give as a present the diving course, a diving session or both experiences.


Just contact us and specify what you’d like to give and we will easily send you the gift voucher for you to deliver anytime.


The gift certificate can be used whenever you want, even if you had already done it, you can exchange it for another of equal value.


The person who will receive your gift will only need to contact us in advance to reserve the day and time for the activity.


The day of the activity, they must only bring swimsuit and towel and enjoy the experience.


If in doubt, give a gift voucher for the amount you want to change it so they can choose in our shop: diving courses, diving equipment, snorkeling, swimming, apnea …


Starts giving out diving experiences They’ll never forget it

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