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Safety protocol for the activities in Pura Vida Diving Lanzarote aimed to avoid the spread of COVID-19

Due to the Sanitary Crisis caused by COVID-19, from Pura Vida Diving we want to update you about the security protocols, sanitary measures and services that we can offer you.

The below information is GUIDANCE and can be updated or modified without prior notice as indicated by the authorities, and must also comply with the official regulations established by them.

As you know, our Diving Center offers large space (more than 500 square meters) with a terrace which enables us to separate individuals and allow them to safely stay within the 2m social distance.


The information in this guide is based on:

  • the best practices as recommended by DAN (Divers Alert Network) in their diving & Covid-19 research presentation, supported by the RSTC and in collaboration with the Recreational Diving Association of Spain.
  • the measures proposed by the Institute of Quality Tourism in Spain for the Active Tourism and Ecotourism in coordination with the Secretary of State for Tourism for the containment of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.


Risk identification & measures to be taken

  • All activities are planned with social distance established by medical authorities (2m) in mind; in the cases this is not practical, alternative measures will be taken to avoid the risk of contagion by contact (van: use of face mask / 2 people not living together per row).
  • We facilitate hand washing with disinfectant solution. Hygiene guidelines with complete, clear and intelligible information on the hygiene rules are available; including signage reminders.
  • We ensure clearing out and refreshing the facilities after each activity.
  • We have available onsite complete first aid kit with a thermometer.
  • Every person should bring their own protective equipment for before and after diving activities (Face mask )
  • We disinfect objects, equipment, facilities and vehicles after each activity. For this we use disinfectants with virucidal activity that have been authorized and cleared by the Ministry of Health, applied with a cloth or disinfecting wipes.
  • Please note that accompanying people not participating in the activity are not allowed.


Service requirements

  • Before the activity

    • Please check you have all required documentation for the day with you
    • Ensure you have a booking made through our platform or contact us.
    • Everyone who has their own equipment has to clean it and disinfect it properly before arriving to the dive centre please. You can follow the protocol suggested by DAN Europe.
    • All divers should come with their own protective equipment, which should include at least:
      • Face mask (you can get here at cost price)
      • Also if you want you can buy a new Mouthpiece for your regulator for € 3 and you will take it forever.
        If not, do not worry, we give you one that has been disinfected according to Covid 19 regulations.
    • Do not bring unnecessary personal objects.
    • All who do not comply with the safety rules will not be allowed to participate in the activity.


  • During the activities in the dive centre

    • Always use face mask
    • The rental equipment you have requested in your booking will be available clean and disinfected at the indicated spaces. We will put a personal mouthpiece on the regulator you will use. After you have finished your dives, please remove and keep your mouthpiece. For all other equipment please follow the instructions of the staff.
    • Please respect and follow the instructions of the staff at all times. These are based upon the safety protocol for the activited in Pura Vida Diving Lanzarote aimed to avoid the spread of COVID-19.


  • During the diving activities

    • During transport and in the cases where you are unable to maintain the safe distance please use your protective equipment. Capacity will be reduced irrelevant to whether you are accompanied by someone you live with.
    • When you are testing your rental diving equipment, please do not breathe from the second stage – just test it by purging.
    • The pre-dive check will be done on the surface and only the main second stage will be used.
    • Please do not not use the oral inflate of the buoyancy compensator.
    • In the unlikely case of an out of air situation underwater, do not use the alternative regulator of your buddy. You will use the emergency equipment with a replaceable mouthpiece which the staff will offer.


  • After the activities in the dive centre

    • Disassemble and leave your equipment in your “safe space”
    • Do not forget your personal belongings or equipment onsite


  • Cancellation terms

    • Once you have finalised a booking if you have COVID-19 symptoms (in accordance with the Covid-19 medical questionnaires) or your flight is cancelled, your booking will be placed on hold. The amount paid will not be refunded, but it will be transferred into a voucher with validity of 1 year.


    • Sorry for the inconvenience, we are working hard to resume activities in a safe way !!!
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